Young Children's Program

"I could not have found a better school for my little ninja!" ~ Sanela Skopak

Now Beginner Classes Offered EVERY day!

"My son had trouble finishing his homework, but ever since he started going to your school, he's been more focused and motivated. Now, he can't wait to finish his homework so that he could train sooner. Thank you!" ~ Ann Turnbough

Adult Fitness

"Power Fitness is truly one of a kind! I started the class as a means to simply get back into some sort of a workout routine. However, what I didn't anticipate, was to discover that it is so much fun. The instructors, Katarina, Joshua & Walter, are really top professionals. I would highly recommend giving this class a try and seeing it for yourself." ~ Marlena Kays


"I have noticed that my son has been developing socially and more comfortable with his pears. I LOVE the way Mater Hong teaches kids life lessons about chores, discipline, schoolwork, and bullying tied in with his TKD instruction." Felicia Dickens

Summer Camps

From the indoor fun activities such as taekwondo contests, board braking, real defense, dodge ball, team games, obstacle course, and of course, Master Hong's moral lessons, riddles and brain teasers, to the fun trips like - Brazos Park, roller skating rings, movies and pool, the kids are having a blast! See for yourself in these photos. The kids are already asking for more!

Children's Program

E.M.A. RAPTOR Program: Your 3-4 year old will love our E.M.A. Raptors program. They will learn about coordination, balance, directions, and all the basics of martial arts training that enables them to be in control of their bodies. This group is usually comprised of children as young as 3 and as old as 6. Most children that fall in this age range will do very well to start their martial arts journey here, as it is a great introduction to our regular “basic” children’s program. E.M.A HAWKS Program: Is for younger children who have either graduated our Raptor program, or have been invited by the instructor. Hawks are young, but they are typically not beginners. They have displayed that they have what it takes to continue their martial arts training at a more challenging level. Hawks have their own belt system and we don’t have complex patterns for them as young children struggle to comprehend material designed for older people. BASIC Program: Generally students 7 and older will join our “basic” beginner program. In this class, they will receive our traditional martial arts training which will include but is not limited to: patterns, focus pad attacks, kicking practices, and sparring (fighting). BLACK BELT CLUB Black Belt Club members have been personally invited by the instructors to be a part of a more challenging level of martial arts training. This will include but is not limited to advanced fighting techniques, weapons such as bo staff, nunchucks, kamas, escrima, etc., and real defense techniques. To be clear, real defense techniques is the term we use to describe the real life situation which may occur such as a person attacking you with a knife. Black Belt Club members also have the opportunity to train more often. MASTERS CLUB The MC is an even more advanced level of martial arts training. Masters Club members will be trained in more intricate fighting techniques such as grappling, advanced weapons training, kicks and tricks (stunt Martial Arts), and Kali. Kali is a very sophisticated stick and knife fighting of Filipino origin. In the Masters Club, students may be invited to join our most elite program-our tournament team: XtrEMA Team

Teen's Program

Martial arts enables teens to experience and gain positive and empowering skills that will help them face every day challenges. It teaches them how to set goals and how through hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment, those goals can be achieved. With each new earned belt they build confidence and skills to prepare them for future leadership roles. With instructors who inspire and emphasize the importance of teamwork these teens built friendships and social skills that will carry on through out their lives.

Adult Program

Adult Program is great for any age. It helps you reduce stress, get in shape, built lean muscle and learn self-defense. The classes challenge you enough, so that you can feel empowered and more confident in your work environment. Buttom line, if you want a good workout that works all your body and you are not oppose to sweat and work hard, then come and join us and see your body and mind transform.

XtrEMA Competition Team

In order to qualify for the XtrEMA Team, a student needs to be a member of the Masters Club and be handpicked by the instructor. This team trains and competes at an extremely high and challenging level. Therefore, being a team member is a high commitment of time, energy, and parent involvement. Our students compete in Olympic Style Sparing Tae Kwon Do and Patterns.